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The Environment-Cancer Fund is dedicated to finding scientific evidence relating to the risk of developing cancer due to the impact of environmental factors, such as our lifestyle (eating habits, physical activity, etc.) and our working, leisure, and living environments.

As an Environment-Cancer Fund™ grant recipient through the collaboration of RFTC and the Cancer Research Society, Dr. John McLaughlin and his team at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, are working on examining the links between cancer risk, known risk factors (like smoking and obesity), and environmental hazards. This will be done by developing, deploying, and testing a comprehensive, standardized geographic information system (GIS) for assessing these relationships at larger and smaller scales of geography, leading ultimately to implementation in regions across Canada.

Dr. Mario Chevrette, Scientific Director at the Cancer Research Society, discusses the Environment-Cancer Fund and the impact of the support from Read for the Cure.

View a full list of ongoing research projects funded by this program.

In Alberta, 50% of the proceeds from our Calgary events were donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF), and 50% were donated to the Cancer Research Society (CRS). Last year, our donation to  ACF was directed to the TOMORROW PROJECT, the largest research project ever undertaken in Alberta. This long-term study has a primary goal of discovering more about what causes cancer, including environmental factors.

In Vancouver. 25% of the proceeds from this event was donated to the BC Cancer Foundation (BCCF), and 75% was donated to CRS. BCCF also agreed to direct funds from Read for the Cure to research related to environmental links to cancer.

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